Pure Water Technology® of Northern Wisconsin is dedicated to providing its customers the highest performance water purification systems in the marketplace today, with ongoing research and development to provide the highest performance systems for tomorrow.

Our PHSI Pure Water Technology® bottleless water purification coolers are a cost effective way to Go Green while bringing fresh, pure, oxygenated drinking water into your workplace. No longer will you have to deal with the high cost, hassle, and environmental concerns of bottled water delivery services.

Pure Water Technology of N.W. "Commitment to Excellence" guarantees the service performance of our employees and the quality of our product.  It also means we will put it in writing. Our commitment to you is simple.  If your water dispenser is ever in need of service, we will respond quickly and fix it right the first time or we'll replace your unit with one of equal or greater capability until yours is finished being repaired off sight, at no charge.  We will also commit to a response time of less than five hours if your water dispenser ever needs emergency service.  In fact, we will make your lease payment for one month is we don't meet the five hour deadline.  This is our " Commitment to Excellence" to you, the customer.


Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient your body requires. The human body is approximately 70%
water. Therefore, it stands to reason that consuming pure, clean drinking water is necessary for your health and is a key factor to all bodily functions.

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