Possible Cause
No Power
Unit unplugged

Power SuppLy

Plug unit in.

Is there power at the wall

No Water
No power to unit

Water suppLy turned off (Straight =on + =Off)

Over use.

Plug unit in.

Check the vaLve in the back of the unit.

Check the vaLve on the main water suppLy.

Wait a haLf hour to see if water tank fills.

Water not hot
On/Off switch
Check the switch in the back of the unit to see if it is turned on. The switch is located about half way dowr the back on the left side (as your facin the unit). The switch should be pushe
in at the top. If the switch was off, wait a haLf hour for the water to heat up.
Water tastes or
smells funny
Over oxygenated
Drain unit completely of all the cold water and let the unit refill.
Reading on the
'Tank Overfill"
"[ ] }+"**)P:>/<]f' (Strange letters on screen)
Our systems are smart, so if something shakes or bumps them they will turn the water and say on units with digital screens "Tank Overfill". Also, if you see strange letters flickering just unplug it and plug it back in. The computer will reset.
Filter or Service
light is on
Time for filter check
Our system is monitoring water quaLity 24 hours a day, it's just telling us it needs service soon. It's still ok to drink, in fact it's still much cleaner than most bottled water. Give us a call for service.

Tests performed by the Washington-based Environmental Working Group on leading brands of bottled water turned up a variety of contaminants, including cancer-linked chemicals three times higher than California's health standard.

The findings challenge the popular impression and marketing pitch that bottled water is purer than tap water, the researchers say.

5-gallon bottled water coolers are open systems, exposed to all kinds of airborne contaminants, and everything that comes into contact with the bottle ends up in your drinking water where bio-film, bacteria and slime grow freely in a pool
of unprotected water.

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